The Rhythm of Happiness is a docu-series that follows the travels of drummer Caleb Spaulding, who is positioning himself as

the “Anthony Bourdain of Drumming.”

The series would take Caleb and his crew around the world to explore the power of rhythm and to demonstrate how rhythm can generate happiness, positivity, and deeper human connection.


The show will explore historical and contemporary drumming, dance, music, and beats as Caleb will try to prove that

all human beings have rhythm.



Rhythm is inside us all; it literally keeps us alive.

The beat of the heart is the very first thing we hear in the womb.

Rhythm carries enormous weight in every culture around the world and The Rhythm of Happiness aims to demonstrate how

it is at the center of human happiness.

Each episode will take Caleb to a different part of the world, where he and the audience will learn about the local musical traditions.


Furthermore, each episode will explore the importance of rhythm in different cultures and how people use rhythm to live, thrive, and find happiness in these places.



After years of rock bands and day jobs, Caleb realized his deepest passion was rhythm itself. Not only was he, personally, most delighted while playing, but he saw happiness and joy radiating from

crowds gathered to experience live drumming.

Exploring this further, Caleb created a yoga and meditation practice powered by live drumming called the Heart Beat Movement, where he witnessed the power of drumming to help people

go deeper into their self-development.

A growing fascination with the differences AND similarities of the

various rhythms of the world led Caleb to begin planning

how he could document these rhythms and share them with audiences while telling a story about the power of rhythm itself.



Potential episodes will include deep exploration into the rhythms of:

  • Yoruba drumming (Nigeria, Cuba, New Orleans)

  • Tabla (India) 

  • Gnawa (Morocco, Algeria)

  • Dumbek, Khishba, Zanbour (Iraq // Middle East)

  • Caribbean (Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico)

  • Brazil (Rio, Salvador, Bahia)

  • Ewe (Togo, Benin, Ghana)

  • Akan (Ghana, Ivory Coast)

  • Kora (Mali)

  • Mbalax / Sabar (Senegal)



Dr. Koo Nimo

Dr. John Collins

Panji Anoff

Emmanuel Agbeli

Dagbe Cultural Institute & Arts Center

Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah

Andrew Rossa-Thompson

Nii Emmanuel Quartey

Be-Ere Yotere

Poetra Asantewa

Dr. Godwin Kwafo Adjei

Tahme Culture Troupe

Jason Otoo

Reginald Abeiku Sackey

Mustapha Maigha

Adam Sumaila

Rising Star Academy, Tamale


Performances by:

Koo Nimo & His Band

Ba-Ere Yotere

Tahme Cultural Troupe

Jaynii Streetwise Foundation

Filmed in





Cape Coast

Directed by: Caleb Spaulding

Produced/Edited by: Jules David Bartkowski

Coloring by: Adam Abada

Sound by: Jake Aron

Cinematography by: Brandon Polack

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